Heavenly Oasis Massage Therapy
Laura Krieger MMP, CMT

Synergy Stones

SYNERGY STONES are made from all natural solid stoneware. They radiate warmth just like the natural stone. Synergy Stones are all hand made by massage therapist, Scott Wynn LMP/Founder, for massage therapists but can also be used at home for self care by YOU! 

The benefits for the receiver...

  1. Adds warmth, custom pressure, and heat wave techniques into a ultimate relaxing session.
  2. Warms muscles, tendons and ligaments for true healing therapy.
  3. Promotes relaxation of muscle knots and trigger points.
  4. Alleviates muscle pain and discomfort.
  5. Improves blood and lymph circulation.
  6. Helps to detoxify the body and tone the skin.
  7. Stimulates your immune system while activating the body's healing response.
  8. Calms the nervous system, mind and decreases stress.