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Coming in September 2016

Raindrop Therapeutic Healing Massage

Featuring Young Living Essential Oils



Million Dollar Foot Massage 
This 30 minute session includes: Eye Pillow, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint, Head and knee pillow, Therapeutic Foot Balm, Calf and Foot massage. All this for $45!


I use Young Living Essential Oils and would be happy to discuss uses and options for your overall well being!  
Facial Cupping
This is a technique using hand blown glass cups specially designed for your face. The benefits of this treatment brings collagen to the surface, increases blood flow, reduces puffiness and dark circles, drain nasal passages and lymph. Softens wrinkles and discourages new ones, brightens skin reducing redness, tighten sagging areas. 
The muscles in the face also benefit greatly, reduced tension, tightness, eased expression lines, loosening of muscles associated with TMJ disorder.
Cupping stimulates your thyroid, adrenals, eyes, ears, and sinus. You will notice you skin feeling warmer, tighter and lightened.
 ˜ Migraines and Headaches
˜ Facial Rejuvenation
˜ Sinus Problems